The first show of the LA BESTIA project in Germany was for me surprising, so many people seems to recognize their own ideas and perspective on society in this project. This gave me even more strenght to go on this way. Real prove for Germany's freedom of speech is for me the fact to expose such a social critical theme in a higher court. Really thankful for this opportunity and exited to purchase the next steps of LA BESTIA. 

Sardinia Mural Gian Luca Gelsomino - Roberto Arámbula

Wind speed: 90 KM/h, temp.: 40 ºC in the shadow, with a little hangover, without sleeping. Just some old brushes, five colors, two expressi as lunch for the entire day and a 7 meter stair for both of us to paint a 9 meter wall. Of course without permission from the authorities, in the main entrance to Porto Cervo, Sardinia. That was the plan from my partner Gian Luca Gelsomino and I just couldn´t resist. TAKE A LOOK AT THE RESULT:


Thanks to the Monti Di Mola Museum for the  Exhibition MESSICO E... A DIEGO RIVERA ALLA STREET ART, paying tribute to the Mexican Muralism. Its for me an Honor to show in Italy my work besides Diegos Riveras and other great emergent talents. 

Mexiko City 2012- Meine letzte Austellung in Mexiko

Ich bin dankbar, dass ich meine Ausstellung mit Hilfe der Fundación Cultural Sebastian ermöglichen konnte. Francisco Cabajal Sebastian, der bedeutendste zeitgenössische Bildhauer Mexikos, fördert mit seiner Stiftung die mexikanische Kultur.